This is to announce that I will be leaving Pixxel this month. This journey started exactly a year ago. I thought I'd take some time to write and thank Pixxel and everyone I have had the chance to work with.

The Beginning

We went from not being normal to never-gonna-be-normal-anymore and we are stuck with a virus that we can't seem to stop. Hopefully, we will get through this phase. When I joined Pixxel, I had no idea what I was getting into except the occasionally-mentioned-space-tech-related work. Initially, I could not believe that people would be making satellites. I thought it was crazy. But I was ready to challenge myself as I had worked hard the past few years, I was proud of it and was ready to put out the best work in me and have been fortunate enough to do so.

The People

I thank @Sanket, @pradeep, @Puri, @Ajinkya for working every day with me, tolerating me with my shenanigans. You guys have always been there for me and never made me feel out of the place. I thank @chaitanya, @Dimple Jain, @KarthikBilla, @rahulraj for working with me and teaching me cool GIS and ML stuff that I wouldn't have learnt. I would also like to thank @Jaya Venkatesh and @Atom for working with me initially (still can't believe how smart these guys are). Special thanks to @Thanvi for taking care of us and being there for us all the time. I might have not spent a lot of time with the satellite team and the rest of the teams but with the time I spent at the office, I learnt a lot of good things, felt inspired and I'm grateful for that. Super special thanks to @RichaHukumchand for her mentorship and guidance, for always being there, and for trusting me to do the best possible work

And of course, I thank @Awais and @Kshitij for making all this possible. I would like to thank each of you for every experience shared, and the good times we had together.

The End

I will be moving on now, having not decided what I will do next, I will be taking a long break, but I will be open to interesting challenges and opportunities. I found my work at Pixxel meaningful, rewarding and most importantly, fun. I got to work with the smartest, hardworking, insanely innovative bunch of people. At the end of all of it, I guess we should become better people from these experiences rather than close ourselves to new ones. Sometimes, we made mistakes, we knew it, but we came back learning from those mistakes and a lot of our work was a result of that. Leaving Pixxel has been emotional for me and has been one of the toughest decisions I have ever made. With that being said, I thank everyone at Pixxel once again for trusting me, helping me being me, accepting me as one of their own. I wish to see Pixxel become the most successful company ever and I wish to see each one of you become successful. I will always remember my time at Pixxel and will always celebrate Pixxel's success. Stay safe, take care, be awesome and I'm going to miss everyone.

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