I am an experienced Machine Learning Engineer, residing in Boston, Massachusetts and available to work full-time from May 2023. I also have experience in full-stack web development and platform engineering.

I am currently a graduate student at Northeastern University majoring in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I completed my bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Bangalore University, with high honors after spending a couple of years at PES University. I have received ten scholarships for academic excellence during my tenure at PES University. Digital Ocean, LinkedIn, Northeastern University and Startup Boston Community have featured my technical writing.

I am currently interning at Autodesk as a Machine Learning Engineer. Previously, worked as a Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Pixxel Space (India's first private space technology startup), Machine Learning Engineer at Initiable Intelligence, Software Engineer, and Mentor at DCT Academy (Bangalore's highest-rated teaching institute). Before this, I interned at fast-growing startups such as RubyKraft and Faststream Technologies.

My expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Machine Learning Infrastructure, Modelling and Platform Engineering with TensorFlow or PyTorch
  • DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering for any kind of service with technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform on any public cloud platform such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud at an advanced level.
  • Multi-regional, scalable, and universally available cloud native continuous deployments.
  • Backend with Node, Django, Flask, or similar technologies with emphasis on caching, concurrency, and distributed computing (microservices).
  • Highly productive quasi-agile software engineering process with mentorship, documentation, code reviews and delivery.

Note to recruiters:

  • Open to take-home assignments, private code-walk, project demos, algorithmic and technical product discussions.
  • Hiring me in the US requires activating OPT or visa sponsorship.
  • Please do not contact me if your hiring process involves timed competitive coding online assessments with no human interaction.

Note to technical co-founders or startups:

  • Open to founding engineer, CTO, or tech-lead discussions.
  • Open to stock options or equity.

Reach out to me at:

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