I am an experienced Machine Learning Engineer residing in Greater Boston Area. I work at Montai Health as a Senior Software Engineer in Computational Modeling, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My professional background is enriched by my comprehensive experience in full-stack web development, platform engineering, and my unwavering commitment to technical writing, as acknowledged by Pixxel, Digital Ocean, LinkedIn, and Northeastern University.

My academic qualifications are anchored in a master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from Northeastern University. I laid the foundation of my education with a bachelor's degree in computer science, graduating with high honors from Bangalore University, after fruitful academic experiences at PES University.

My professional journey has led me through various challenging and enriching roles. As the Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Pixxel Space, I made a mark at India's premier private space technology startup. At Initiable Intelligence, my skills were honed further as a Machine Learning Engineer. My tenure as a Software Engineer and Mentor at DCT Academy fortified my commitment to mentorship and my love for sharing knowledge. Internships at Autodesk as an MLOps Engineer and at dynamic startups such as RubyKraft and Faststream Technologies further diversified my professional portfolio.

My technical competencies span a range of skills:

  • Mastery in Machine Learning Infrastructure, Modelling and Platform Engineering, specializing in TensorFlow and PyTorch.
  • Advanced expertise in DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering utilizing Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms.
  • Proficiency in facilitating multi-regional, scalable, and highly available cloud-native continuous deployments.
  • Backend development expertise with a focus on caching, concurrency, and distributed computing (microservices) using Node, Django, Flask, or similar technologies.
  • Adeptness in fostering a highly productive quasi-agile software engineering process that prioritizes mentorship, thorough documentation, stringent code reviews, and prompt delivery.

My leadership ethos is based on fostering collaboration, promoting innovation, and nurturing technical skills, traits that have been a cornerstone of my successful career to date.

Reach out to me at:

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