tchat is a versatile Python-based project on GitHub, focusing on two major aspects: a chat application leveraging LangChain and a system for document retrieval and question answering using Chroma embeddings.

LangChain Chat Application


  • OpenAI Chat Model: Uses ChatOpenAI for language model interactions.
  • Conversation Memory: Incorporates ConversationSummaryMemory for conversation history.
  • Dynamic Prompting: Implements ChatPromptTemplate and HumanMessagePromptTemplate for context-aware prompts.
  • Environment Management: Uses dotenv for configuration.

How It Works

  1. Environment Setup: Load necessary variables.
  2. Model Initialization: Set up OpenAI chat model.
  3. Memory Management: Store and recall conversation history.
  4. Prompt Configuration: Customize prompts.
  5. Interactive Chat: Continuously generate context-based responses.


  1. Install Dependencies (dotenv, langchain).
  2. Clone Repository.
  3. Set Up Environment (API keys, etc.).
  4. Run Main Script.
  5. Engage with Chatbot【6†source】.

Chroma Embeddings for Text Files


  • Document Processing: Utilizes TextLoader and CharacterTextSplitter.
  • Embedding Generation: Uses OpenAIEmbeddings.
  • Chroma Vector Store: Manages document embeddings.
  • Question-Answering: Employs RetrievalQA and ChatOpenAI.

How It Works

  • main.py: Initializes components, loads documents, creates Chroma database, and performs similarity searches.
  • prompt.py: Sets up ChatOpenAI model, integrates Chroma, and runs RetrievalQA chain.


  1. Prepare Environment.
  2. Clone Repository.
  3. Load facts.txt.
  4. Run main.py and prompt.py for queries.


  • Ideal for advanced chatbots, conversational agents, customer service bots, interactive learning tools, personal assistants.
  • Useful in knowledge bases, FAQ systems, and educational tools for efficient information retrieval and processing【7†source】.

Visit the project on GitHub for more details and to explore the potential of integrating LangChain and Chroma with Python for advanced conversational AI and document retrieval systems.

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