• Uninstall Anaconda/Anaconda Navigator and other related previously installed version of conda-based installations.
  • Anaconda and Miniforge cannot co-exist together.
  • However, if you have previous installations of PyTorch with Miniforge, you can continue to use that without uninstalling it.
  • We will install the GPU version in a new conda environment anyway.
  • Keep in mind that the GPU version is still a nightly build and expect it to have breaking changes for the next couple of months.

Installing Miniforge

  • Install miniforge from brew: brew install miniforge
  • Create an anaconda environment: conda create -n pt122
  • Activate the environment: conda activate pt122
  • Install Python: conda install python

Installing PyTorch

  • Run: pip install --pre torch torchvision torchaudio --extra-index-url to install PyTorch (Nightly) dependencies
  • Execute: pip install pandas jupyterlab to install relevant dependencies to run sample code.
  • Run: conda activate pt122

Verifying Installation

  • Execute: jupyter-lab to open a Jupyter Notebook and run the following code:
import torch
torch.tensor([1,2,3], device="mps")

Checking GPU


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